Embedded Systems Design Laboratory

Computer Science | Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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The ESDlab members are currently carrying out research in the following areas (the related undergraduate courses, if any, are also shown below):

Streaming/Dataflow Programming Tools and PlatformsJorn Janneck, Per Andersson, Flavius GruianEDAA40
Embedded systems designFlavius Gruian, Per AnderssonEDAN15, EDAF35
Constraint programmingPer AnderssonEDAN01/DATN15
Reconfigurable computingJörn Janneck, Per Andersson, Flavius Gruian


We also have extensive knowledge of and/or carried out research in the following fields:

Energy efficient schedulingFlavius Gruian
Hardware/Software Co-DesignKris Kuchcinski (retired)
Compilation techniquesJörn Janneck, Per Andersson, Flavius Gruian