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MSc with Parallel Systems

The following is a list of potential examiners and supervisors from the different research groups in the Parallel Systems (PS) division.

How to use this list to find suitable contacts:
  • Search for keywords or relevant topics in the Area of Research or Other Expertise.
  • Identify courses that seem connected to your thesis subject.
  • Identify theses with similar subjects to what you intend to do from the ones listed under each member.
Ideally, if you want to do a thesis with us, you should have taken courses listed under our individual name - or similar advanced courses.

NameCourses TaughtArea of Research (keywords)Other Expertise (keywords)
Embedded System Design Group
Per AnderssonEDAN01 Constraint Programming; EDAF90 Web Programming?Databases
MSc Theses: supervised

Jonas SkeppstedtEDAF05 Algorithms, Data Structures and Complexity; EDAG01 Efficient C; EDAN26 Multicore ProgrammingCompiler optimizations, Algorithms and data structures?
MSc Theses: supervised

Flavius GruianEDAN15 Design of Embedded Sytems; EDAF35 Operating SystemsHw/Sw co-design, Streaming applications, Optimizations in Design Automation, Real-time scheduling, Energy-efficient ComputingVirtual Machines, Embedded ML applications, Databases, FPGAs, Security
MSc Theses: supervised

Computer Graphics Group
Michael DoggettEDAF80 Computer Graphics; EDAN35 High Performance Computer GraphicsRay tracing, Computer graphics, Graphics pipelinesThesis topics on any area of Computer Graphics are available. Most thesis topics are based on the research in the Computer Graphics group, which is focused on Real-Time Rendering, in particular GPU based Ray Tracing.
MSc Theses: supervised

Algorithms Group
Susanna RezendeEDAN55 Advanced AlgorithmsAlgorithmic Complexity...
MSc Theses: supervised